Thursday, April 10

Bulk (12) or "Empty"

How often do you check your bulk e-mail folder before emptying it? I confess that I never did. I mean, why should I? All it had were messages promising me wonderful credit opportunities, a large penis, and most every pharmaceutical newsletter on the planet. But over the last week or so, I have begun scanning that folder before emptying it.
A few weeks ago, we ordered a new memory stick for the camera from an online company. The chip arrived fine, but, we found out later, it was too large for the camera. The camera, apparently, has a memory stick limitation. Sixteen gigs is too much. Anyway, I requested a return authorization form from the online company to send back the stick. No response. I requested again. No response. Finally, on the third request, I actually got a nice phone message from a young man who told me that my Yahoo! bulk e-mail filter kept pulling the e-mail containing the form, because they had been trying to get it to me. I asked him to send it again, and it finally arrived in my proper inbox.
However, since this little incident put a bug in my ear about the bulk folder, I've been looking through it every time I check my e-mail. I'll tell you, I'm surprised how much stuff I want gets caught up in that bulk net. In fact, even an actual, personally addressed e-mail from Craig landed there tonight. Right now and in fact, I'm quite disturbed to think of how many e-mails I have lost in this manner. Suddenly, all the e-mails that I never got from Julia have a very real place in which they got lost. I'm bothered by this! So I guess now and forever, I'll be checking that bulk folder!

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