Wednesday, April 30

I tend to drive too fast

So I think I'm all packed and ready to go. Sydney and I are off to Cali tomorrow ... yep ... leaving on a jet plane. The only hitch in our get-along right now is the tenuous condition of my back. I've been having serious issues with it over the last 10 days or so, and I'm really nervous about all the heavy lifting and consistent carrying I'll be doing tomorrow. Already, I feel the muscles and tendons gearing up, and they're not happy. I'll do my best to lift with my legs, however, with a running 18-month-old, lifting with the legs isn't always the fastest course of action. But, whatever. We're going to hang out with Mom for a weekend. It's all good.
I gave Brian both his video games (I believe that I hear the opening sounds of GTA IV right now), so he's excited to tackle his weekend activities. Purchasing the games was called, "an excellent entertainment investment, dear," so I did good.

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