Saturday, April 5

Antibiotics help too, of course

Why am I getting so many giggles out of the dull pain of others this week? Why should these things amuse me? Okay, so does anyone else think that Jessica Simpson is having a bit too much fun with her new boyfriend? Who doesn't immediately say, "She needs to be more careful with her after-sex hygiene," when a girl gets a kidney infection? A kidney infection is an untreated and angrier UTI, my friends, and that's all from not taking care of yourself after rocking the boat with your boyfriend. She'll learn from this, I hope. She should have friends that will teach her about these things.
Bless her heart, and she had to go into Cedars-Sinai to take care of it. And it's all over the news, in the magazines and headlining the Internets this week. And everyone knows that a good bottle of cranberry juice when you get those first tinglings helps out a ton.

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