Tuesday, April 1

And just like that, it's gone

I know it won't be the last time that I'm disappointed with the result of a Dancing with the Stars: The Results show, but damn. I really wanted Steve Guttenberg to have a bit more time under the disco ball, and I really wanted to not have to listen to Marissa J-something Winokur whine, sparkle, cry, giggle, or enthuse through another week's competition. Ack. Who are the people voting on this television show? And why don't they listen to me? At any rate, it'll be interesting next week. Confession: I was quite pleased to see Adam Carolla (and yes, I've been spelling his name wrong for the last couple weeks) survive another week. Of course, it's just awesome that we're all keeping Julianne Hough on the show, and he should thank her for his longevity, but I see some real improvement there. Now if only she can get him to keep his mouth shut more often.
Here's my newly painted coffee table. Notice (somewhat) how well it matches the red chair in the background, and how it complements the brown sofa. I'm quite loving it ... even more tonight since I got to look at it all day in different light and angles. Yay Brian and me for completing a project and having it turn out well!
Okay, so the most random thing happened on today's episode of Jeopardy!, and it's vital that I blog about it: From the beginning of the show through the end of the regular Jeopardy! round, Alex Trebek had a moustache. When the commercial break preceding Double Jeopardy! ended and the show returned, Trebek no longer had a moustache. Huh? It's true! And I even rewound my DVR so I could double check that I wasn't going absolutely frickin' insane! And at the start of the show, right there above his lip, was a cheesy, smarmy dark moustache. I remember thinking, "Oh, Alex is trying to be like the current champ, and grow out a moustache. I hate moustaches." Then, freakishly, during a commercial break, it disappeared! When Alex came back on, his upper lip was bare! And I thought, "What the hell? Where'd the hairy lip go? Did I imagine it?" Then I checked! And I was right! Now you see it, now you don't with a moustache! CREEPY!

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TMZ noticed the same thing!!