Monday, March 17

Where's my green beer?

I know it's a good blog post when the iTunes shuffles over to Britney right as I start composing.

ITEM!: Did anyone catch the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars tonight? It was all about the men, as the ladies begin their competition tomorrow night. I've already got some favorites, but will wait a few weeks before allowing you that much entrance into my head. Of course, since the ladies haven't even danced yet, my favorites among them are entirely based on how they acted in tonight's audience. For example, I love that Shannon Elizabeth and that girl to her left were giggling. I love that Marlee Matlin bragged about putting the disco ball trophy next to her Oscar. And as much as I want to love Priscilla Presley in this, I just wasn't feeling it tonight. Is it the Botox, or does she really not have any facial expressions? Why did she seem kinda out of it and confused? And it really is that obvious that she doesn't want to be there. Who talked her into this? They should be fired. I am so excited for tomorrow night! You go girls!
ITEM!: I always get a random charge out of yelling at strangers. Tonight, I got to holler at some guys testing the engine of their Fast and Furious Acura in my parking structure right next to my apartment. I didn't know cars could make that much noise, but they do, so I ran out onto my balcony to tell these kids to shut up. As an extra bonus, my husband also was there, and we got to yell together that we had a baby sleeping in this apartment, and that they really needed to stop doing that revving bullshit. I dig it when Brian and I are on the same team and looking to kick someone's ass. Especially if that someone could wake up the screaming mimi in the next room.
ITEM!: Even though today is St. Patrick's Day, I took down my shamrock and leprechaun decor and put up the Easter stuff. I have real issues with holiday decoration equality, and that means that Easter, which is Sunday, needs to be celebrated with the bunnies and eggs being set out as soon as they logically could be. But since I'm a freak that way, I had to completely restore my home to normalcy before doing Easter. Can't go from one holiday to another with stuff in the wrong bin, can I?
ITEM!: Freaky thing, ever since I criticized Priscilla, I've had two Elvis songs shuffle up on my iTunes. Message from the grave? Is he agreeing with me? Well, dude, even Elvis can't influence my opinion on this blog ... my blog. However, if I get one more before I'm done here, I'll go ahead and take out all that Priscilla stuff.

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