Tuesday, March 11

"True blue, baby, I love you"

How rock-solid awesome was that space shuttle launch last night? I totally spaced on it, but Mom reminded me, and I was able to catch it on instant replay via CNN. Such an amazing event, yes? I hope I'm able to see this once in my life, if not be in one when it launches. I just find the whole thing so frickin' cool.

So, Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday. Artists qualify for induction 25 years after their first commercial recording. I'd feel really old about that, but with as much as Madonna, and I, have grown, matured, changed and shifted, I feel like wearing the last 25 years as a badge of honor. She's just as cool as she always has been. I mean, she got an innuendo-laden introduction from Justin Timberlake, who also has done some collaboration on her newest album. And even though I never went the route of wearing the lacy bustiers, big chiffon skirts, and "Boy Toy" belts, I have always been a fan of her and her music. I'm proud, in fact, to have an extensive list of her work on my iPod, and still consider "Cherish," "True Blue," "Music," and "Vogue," some of the best tunes ever. I think I actually wore out my True Blue cassette tape. And I'm also excited about the new album. How many artists can claim to have fans clamoring for their new work 25 years after their first musical offering? Not many. Madonna is in rare company indeed.

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