Thursday, March 27

This summer's iced mochas courtesy of AT&T

I got my "rebate" from AT&T this afternoon for buying my phone a few weeks ago. I put quotes around rebate because I don't understand why they don't just write me a check or something equally easy. Instead, they send me a debit card with the $60 on it. I get why they prefer to do this. They want to hold on to every dollar or 50 cents that someone doesn't spend on the card. I bet they really love the people who just forget to use the cards, saving the company the money entirely. Me, I prefer cash in my rebates. If the money comes out of my checking account, it should go back into my checking account. I don't think there's any crazy logic there, do you?
But since AT&T doesn't listen to me, nor really care about how I feel about the rebate format, I've now got a debit card for $60 to use somewhere. Mom tells me that the grocery store is the best place to use such things, but I don't want to use such a cool thing on something practical like food. I guess I could use it for lunches, at Starbucks and the like. You know what? That's a frickin' brilliant idea! I'm going to put the $60 on my Starbucks card! Brilliant, and a happy thing! You see, my dears, I go all stream of consciousness on you, and come up with the best idea ever! Yay me!

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