Thursday, March 13

Phew. I finally got up the nerve

Okay, so I finally did it. Today, I filled out the Writing Aptitude Test for a program/course on writing children's books. Seriously, the information has been languishing on my desk for more than five months. I've just been too ... oh, what's the word ... scared to fill it out. I'll admit to it being a case of the jitters. You bet it is. I haven't really written anything in the last 16 months, except for this blog, that's worth much. The few forays into writing have mainly been disappointments to the people who asked me to provide them. That will prey on a person's conscience, and make them not really want to put themselves out there, if the result may be more of the same ego crushing. But I bit the bullet, as they say, said, "F*ck it," and just did it.
The test actually came out a bit better than I thought it would. It was four parts, all requiring some writerly imagination, and I was able to come up with something clever (I hope) for each. Now I've sent the test in a bit later than they wanted as a deadline date. I hope I won't have to wait too long to hear from them, but I will certainly let you all know how it goes!

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