Sunday, March 30

North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA and Memphis

Should I even bother gloating? After all, I've already made Brian admit that he's proud of me, and that maybe, just maybe, I should have put some money in the pool. I'll say it loud and proud: I picked all four teams that are in the Final Four. What makes this more amazing? This also is the first time in history that all four Final Four teams are number one seeds in their regions. So, not only is this history-making in that sense, but also in the sense that I knew it would happen! I rock! Okay, I've got Kansas and UCLA in the Finals, and UCLA winning the tournament.
We've got a few different projects going on in the G. household lately. Of course, by "we" I mean me, and the never-stopping futz-machine in my head. I can't stop looking around for things to move, reorganize, get rid of entirely, or just make look different. Currently, I have a kick-ass bookcase next to my bed that is serving as my new kick-ass nightstand. (Yay Mom!) I think I'm loving the books, and their placement, but that is subject to some change. Also, we have a repainted, red coffee table out on the balcony spending another night drying before coming inside tomorrow. Brian and I have spent the last two days transforming our boring, natural wood coffee table into a fabulous red chair-matching coffee table, with sanded and curved corners. Now there's a pile of random things in the office to deal with. Huh. I've got a lot of stuff to clear up and out this week.
Of note: Color paint is easy to get off skin; primer must be scraped off; and apparently, clear lacquer must wear off over time and as the skin itself sloughs away.

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