Wednesday, March 26

Keep it on topic, my brothers

I don't know what reporter thought it would be relevant to today's politics to ask Chelsea Clinton about Monica Lewinsky, but that person should be slapped upside the head. And the fact that news outlets around the country are both appalled that the question was asked, while also kinda pissed that their own intrepid reporter didn't ask it, is equally irritating. Sure, every potential presidential nominee, and their past, should be up for debate and a thorough nitpicking, but why ask Chelsea about her dad's indiscretion. What could she possibly say to such a thing? What does she know that's more than what we already know, or what her mom and dad told her? Some would argue that since she's campaigning for her mom, she should be prepared to answer for everything and anything regarding her mom. I say bullshit to that. No, she shouldn't have a free pass to campaign without questions, but I do think that the questions asked of her should be in good taste, as well as relevant to this campaign. Ah, there's that word again, relevant. Daddy's blowjob in the White House isn't relevant to her mom's campaign. It's not like Hillary has a history of getting blowjobs in inappropriate places. So why ask the question? Shock value, of course. Sometimes I hate the media.

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