Thursday, March 6

It almost sounds like an obit, but it's not

How awful is this news about Patrick Swayze and his fight with pancreatic cancer? From what I've read over the last couple days, this is an aggressive and very bad cancer to get, and even though he's responding well to treatment, Swayze's long-term prognosis isn't good. It's such a drag to be entering into that age group where the guys I had crushes on in my youth are going to start dying. That's a weird demographic to be in. Anyway, all my thoughts are with him and his family right now as he struggles with this disease.
After all, Patrick Swayze has practically shaped pop culture from his emergence on the scene in the early 80s. Witness Dirty Dancing, "No one puts Baby in a corner." The beauty and horror that is Roadhouse. Of course, Ghost, and the increasing popularity of pottery making. Red Dawn, as the leader of a group of students who fight back against the Russians for invading the U.S. (Cold War issues anyone?). And one of my personal favorites, Point Break, a movie in which I, technically, fell in love with Keanu Reeves, but still dug Bodhi at the end with his shorter hair.

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