Tuesday, March 18

I spy a green theme

Okay, so I can totally admit when I'm very wrong. And right now, I'm very wrong. This admission comes after watching Priscilla Presley slay the competition on Dancing with the Stars tonight. She didn't do as well as Kristi Yamaguchi, who rocked the house, but she did make me sit up and say, "Hey! I was so wrong!" I like that she's proven me wrong, and I can now say that I'll gladly ignore what I wrote last night. Except the part about her never noticing when the backstage camera is on her. She was oblivious to that all tonight as well. And did you see Lisa Marie in the audience? Way to support Mom and her crazy fancies! Loving the Presleys right now!

This is the last of the green St. Patrick's Day cupcakes that my in-laws bought over the weekend and then sent home with us. I take a picture of it because I'm embarrassed to death that I ate it. Cupcakes are like crack to me, people. I don't care how much I beg, don't buy them for me. I'll just eat them. Maybe, perhaps like today, I might eat three. And then I'll be in a sickened shame spiral from whence I can not return with any bit of self-respect.
I'm loving the size of my pants at this moment, you all, so please aid me in my quest to a.) stay in them; or b.) need something smaller. All I want is your forgiveness for today's transgression, and your goodwill and karma in giving me the strength and willpower to fight them off should any more arrive near me. Cupcakes, I love you, but I hate what you do to me.

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