Tuesday, March 25

DWTS consolation prize: photo on Kimmie G's blog

So all seems to be right in the world of competitive celebrity ballroom dancing, as Penn Jillette and Monica Seles were voted off tonight's Dancing with the Stars: The Results show. Sure, I feel bad for them, because no one wants to be the first celebrity kicked off, but, like I said last night, Seles is an awful dancer, and Jillette is kind of a dick.
And I could make a prediction as to who will be voted off next week too, when the show returns to its standard one pink slip per week format. I think it'll be Adam Corolla. The only factor that kept him on the show this week is that most people love Julianne Hough so much. She's so cute, and such an awesome dancer, that the voters like watching her. The girls are safe next week, I think. But that's my bold prediction: Enjoy Corolla's last performance next Monday.

Oh yeah, and tonight's Jericho provided some closure for us fans of the show, but it certainly looks like whatever they had planned for "next" season would have been cool to see. I'm convinced that a majority of the television-viewing public just doesn't get it when faced with a more thought-provoking drama on their tubes. They like the CSIs and the L&Os, not to mention stuff like Desperate Housewives, where stories are just spelled out for them. I don't mean to sound snobby, because I thoroughly enjoy the occasional CSI: Miami, but would it kill people to see a show that doesn't come with a solution/answer wrapped in a little bow at the end? How a program like Lost has become so popular is beyond me, especially when looking at the usual fare that is in the upper levels of viewership. Actually, this does sound snobby, but you know ... so what. I'm sick of the smart, slick, moody and complex dramas being shown the door because they didn't catch on with the mainstream viewing public.

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