Tuesday, February 12

Watch "Jericho" tonight on CBS

Okay, so Brian and I totally dig this show, Jericho. I think I've mentioned it before, but lastly how it was canceled by CBS, and then brought back to life due to an effective nuts campaign by the show's devoted viewers. Yay them! Anyway, the show comes back to TV tonight.
This is where you all come in, all of you in Internets land: Watch Jericho tonight on CBS. Get your friends and family to watch it, too. (I've linked to Entertainment Weekly's helpful Jericho primer here.) Sure, the story may seem a bit thick at first, but really, it's pretty easy to grasp with the help of the web site. (And it's far less complex than Lost's mythology, so don't be scared.) See, you all have to watch this show because we need as many eyes on it as possible. CBS has ordered only seven episodes of the program for this season, and depending on the viewership, the network may order another 13 for next season. I stress the word "may" in that sentence.
Now, I'm going out on a limb for this show, mainly because I had an entire season to enjoy it last year, because I really want to know what happens. I'm intrigued by the storyline. A town in Kansas coping with life after a major attack on the country which includes more than 20 bombs that have leveled the metropolitan cities throughout the land. What about the government? The military? Who's in charge? What about cable television? Will Jake and Emily kiss again?

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