Sunday, February 3

Wait 'til next year

I am so bummin' right now. B-U-M-M-I-N-G, absolutely, with all the crazy emphatic pauses you could throw in there. I was so confident that the Patriots would be taking home a Super Bowl championship tonight. I talked so much smack and had all those near and dear to me rooting for the undefeated Pats. I did as much as I could, and yet, they lost. Grr. It irritates me just to write it. I can't watch ESPN nor will I be viewing the news tonight. I'm disgusted, really. I'm stunned. Out of spite or foolish pride, I've already made the prediction that they'll go undefeated again next year and win the Super Bowl just to prove that they really can do it. Who's interested in that wager?
I simply can't stand Eli Manning, and now he's got the Super Bowl glow that Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Junior Seau should be wearing. That's so wrong. The whole thing is wrong. I demand a recount.

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