Friday, February 1

That's Joe, in the middle

Look at this everyone! The self-proclaimed "America's toughest sheriff" has broadcast a verbal warning to all the athletes and celebrities coming out to Phoenix. He said, "Hey there, folks! Don't be comin' out he-yah lookin' to get be all drunk and crazy on yo' ponies! I be the sherr-if round these parts. I kin make you sorry! I gots a bee-utiful place for y'all in my tents. And there be a posse and detectives out searchin' fer ya, too. Don't mess with me!" (I paraphrase, but that's about what he said.)
I'm consistently driven batty by Maricopa County's Sherrif Joe Arpaio and his Wild West attitude and absolute need to get on television as often as possible. Tell me, is this kind of warning to Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Paris Hilton and their peers not a plea for attention? And then we have the inevitable follow-up articles about Tent City, pink underwear, bologna sandwiches and chain gangs that make this whole region look like a vast expanse of cowboys and bandits, sucking on wheat stalks, driving pick-up trucks and missing teeth. Thanks, Joe. Good way to foster some real publicity for Phoenix as a nice, clean, metropolitan place.

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