Friday, February 8

Oh, about two hours

I just spent a ridiculous amount of Sydney's naptime doing nothing but playing around with ringtones for my new phone. Yes, I did get a new phone yesterday. Of course, this process was not without frustrating nuisances and inconveniences, but I will not bore you with those. Besides, it all happened yesterday, and I have decided to not dwell on the past so much. Anyway, I found a kick-ass tone for Brian's numbers, and one of my favorite songs for Mom, and another favorite tune for my divas. Please, if you don't have a special tone, don't feel slighted. The song that everyone else has, U2's The Sweetest Thing, is one of my all-time faves as well, so I always like to hear it. (But as I sit here, I still want to find something cooler for Mom, so that one is still to-be-determined. I'll be pondering it all day, I'm sure.) But that's the phone right there. I kinda really like it. It's got a slider that covers the keys, and a really good camera on it. And, contrary to what the last phone had to deal with, it will not fall into the hands of Sydney. Because I really believe that Ryan was right all those months ago when he told me that letting her play with, and suck on, my cell phone voids the warranty. I'm quite convinced that I am totally and completely at fault for the last phone's untimely demise. I let my kid play with it. Sadly for Sydney, that won't happen again. ... Well, at least until she stops putting everything in her mouth.

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