Wednesday, February 20

Moon, pretty

Oh, okay. So this is what it was supposed to look like tonight. All Brian and I saw was a dim view of a white shadow poking out from behind some clouds as they whisked by it. Explanation: for all of you out there that might not have known, tonight was the last lunar eclipse we'll see until 2010. ... And I was ready for it, thanks to Daddy's heads up earlier this week. I left my sleeping child in bed and my dog on guard duty, and dragged my husband into an empty lot across the street from our house to see what we could see. And let me tell you, it was nothing as striking as what the people in Toronto witnessed, according to this photo. We also were supposed to have been able to see Saturn and Regulus, one of the brightest stars in our universe sandwiched around the moon. Huh. All I saw were looming thunder clouds, and airplanes on approach to Sky Harbor.

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