Saturday, February 16

Lunch in Madrid? Sure!

Brian and I saw the movie Jumper today. I won't lie to you -- if I could do that, I'd live my life very similarly to the way the main character, David, lived his. I think I might be a good Samaritan a bit more often, but I would definitely do the whole bank robbing and living in style while bouncing around the planet throughout the day thing. That just looked too cool. Really, there are no rules involved in that kind of lifestyle, and I wouldn't mind it for a while. Would I get bored with it and want to settle down? Who knows, but I'd sure like to try it. Of course, I've got quite a bit more baggage than David, but still, I'd totally go for the jumping around. My head spins right now just trying to list all the places I'd visit. So many that rank near the top of the list that I don't even know where to begin. ... What an awesome ability. I'd like to be able to do that.

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