Thursday, February 14

I heart my collection of holiday socks

It occurred to me this morning as I went to put on my shoes that I should really have some Valentine's Day socks. I thought, "Don't I have some holiday-appropriate socks for today?" A quick search through the not-everyday sock drawer yielded these beauties -- heart socks that do say "Happy Valentine's Day" on them. Unfortunately, the words are at an awkward side angle that would require some yoga pose to photograph, so all you get is the hearts on the top of my feet.
I hope that you all had a good Valentine's. I actually did get a gift from my husband -- perfume -- so I stand corrected on the whole no-gift business. (Thanks to my mother in-law who was appalled that I would sit back and not get anything, and who bugged Brian mercilessly the other night about what he was going to get me for the holiday.)

I get really mad at these people who go into places, say, a school, shoot and kill as many people as they can, and then turn the gun on themselves. What cowards. What they should do is just find themselves a cozy corner and just off themselves, leaving the rest of the world to be. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish, or what kind of "message" they're trying to give the world, but all I see is a poor excuse of a person looking for some posthumous newsprint. If life is so awful, or if "the man" is making you so unhappy, deal with it yourself, you f*ckheads. You don't need to teach anyone a lesson. You don't need to make a statement with your death. Just die. And leave everyone else alone.

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