Wednesday, February 13

I guess they howl quite a bit, too

I'm ridiculously tired for some reason, so I'll make tonight's post short and sweet. The short comes from me just not writing as much. The sweet comes from this picture of the beagle, Uno, who won Best in Show at this year's big dog show (I think it's the American Kennel Club, but I'm not positive). He is the first beagle to ever win Best in Show. I think he's just adorable. I had wanted a beagle some time ago before we got Oliver. Mom told me that beagles fart a lot, but I'm pretty sure that's just a problem that their beagle had when she was young, not necessarily a breed trait. Besides, I doubt any dog can fart as bad as, oh, say Brian ... or even Oliver himself after he's had too many treats in an afternoon. At any rate, I think I'm crushing on this little canine.
I discovered something financially dangerous tonight. I'd never looked at it, but tonight I found the children's book section on Barnes & Noble's web site. I found four ... four! ... books that Sydney must possess. Two are from the Fancy Nancy series, which will have to wait until she's a bit older. I'm not afraid of buying books that will take up space on the shelf for a while. Few people know that I have a box of books for my kid in the storage unit out in California. They all were bought way before I got pregnant. In fact, several were purchased even before I met Brian. I'm a proactive book buyer. I can't wait for her to be able to sit on my lap for reading time! Right now, she gets kinda squirmy.

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