Monday, February 11

How long was it? 63 questions

I spent some time working on Sydney's baby book last night. I'll admit to being a complete flake and getting very little of it done throughout the last year. Still, because the calendar noting all her firsts was in her closet and she was sleeping, I was unable to take care of a significant portion of the thing. I did go through the pictures though, and added them all in the book in the appropriate places. It's weird to me that the last four photo albums have only pictures of Sydney, Oliver, the nursery, or my pregnant belly. Jeez, what's been going on in my life the last two years? At any rate, I'm quite pleased with the book at this point. There's a lot still to be done, but at least now, when I look at it, I'm not racked with guilt and shame because I haven't documented her life so far. I hope she'll like it when she's old enough to appreciate it. I know I love my baby book.
I'm going to go ahead and note that Blogger is working extremely well for me at this moment. Usually, when I'm composing a post, the site can't keep up with my typing and trails behind me by about 7 seconds. For whatever reason, perhaps because it's been up for the last hour just waiting for me to do something, it's keeping up with me very well. That makes me happy. When it's lagging, I get very frustrated.
I won't complain about it, but I will also note that I'm going to have to replace the flannel sheets on our bed with the regular cotton sheets. It's just not getting cold enough at night anymore. I'll hold on to the down comforter, because there is still a bit of a chill in the nighttime air, but the flannels have made me wake up sweating two nights in a row now. Should it happen again tonight, it's over for them. And I mean that in the absolute sense as well. This sheet set seems to have stretched or something, because they just don't fit on the bed the way they should anymore. I shall get new flannels for next winter, I think.
As you can tell, it's kind of a random night for blogging. I did fill out a ridiculously long questionnaire, sent to me by Kerry, with the intent on publishing it as my post tonight. Lucky you, I decided that it was just too damn long for that, and I didn't even want to use the energy in figuring out which questions to use and not use. Those questionnaires never get old for me though. I love getting them from my friends, and I love filling them out. I always end up learning something about someone, and I love that. I guess that's what they're all about, huh?

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