Friday, February 8

A dozen roses on Feb. 14: $85; Feb. 15: $22

So next Thursday is Valentine's Day, and the pressure is on. I've seen a ton of ads for different jewelry stores, and walking through the mall today, I saw that there was no shortage of heart-shaped trinkets, red presents, and candy-inspired gifts. I won't throw stones though, as I think I'll get Brian some kind of candy for the holiday, because really, I simply will not get him a puppy anytime soon. And he hasn't played with half of the PS3 games yet, so I won't get him another one of those either.
Ah ... you think I'm sounding bitter. Perhaps, but I know that I won't get anything for V-Day, so I'm finding it hard to put too much effort in what I'll be getting him. I did buy Sydney one of those singing Hallmark animals -- the dog -- so she'll be guaranteed a good time.
Personally, I'm not that big a supporter of Valentine's Day. Sure, the cards are awesome, and candy is always good, but I feel so much pressure about the holiday: must get present; must do romantic dinner; must have passion. (Of course, this is nothing compared to the expectations put on men this time of year, but this is my blog, so I'll ignore them.) I'd kinda rather we all went straight to celebrating the Irish in March, but I understand that we do need something fun to do in February.

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