Sunday, February 24

And the Oscar goes to...

Of course I'll be watching the Oscars tonight! Where in the world else would I be other than in front of my television? Nowhere is where. I'll be enjoying the ridiculous pomp and circumstance of the awards show, and loving every moment of it. Here's the plan: by the time the show starts, Sydney will already have eaten, so I won't miss any of it; sure, she'll get attention, but until 7 p.m. when she goes to bed, said attention will be a bit distracted; I will enjoy a lovely big tub of popcorn, made just the way I like it. I've already printed out mine and Brian's ballots, though this year it'll be a lot to do with luck, since we've only seen one of the contenders, Michael Clayton, and we only just watched it last night. I will though, avoid the pre-game nonsense as much as possible, as the E! commentators, hosts and red-carpet coverage is mostly, oh, I'll say it, stupid. Still, I'm eager for the fun to begin! Yay!

What? You want to know my picks? Okay, here are my selections for the big-ticket awards.
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (really, a no-brainer)
Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (another no-brainer; he's won most everything else)
Best Actress: Cate Blanchett (she'll be the upset)
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Ryan (hookers and junkies always seem to be a win)
Best Picture: There Will Be Blood (this is my remarkably uneducated guess)
Best Director: guy who did There Will be Blood (again, uneducated)

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