Thursday, January 24

Hopefully, a tragic accident

I was very sorry and sad to hear of the death of Heath Ledger earlier this week. It's so weird how you can feel like you really know a person just because you've watched them grow (not necessarily in age either, but by accomplishments). I remember watching him in 10 Things I Hate About You, and loving him. I think I've seen every one of his movies, if not in their entirety, then in pieces. I was intrigued with him being selected to play Joker in the newest Batman movie, Dark Knight, due out this summer. I did enjoy his performance in Brokeback Mountain, and took heart in the love story between him and Michelle Williams, and the subsequent birth of their daughter. I was depressed to hear that they had broken up last year.
It's always hard to hear about a promising young person losing their life. Every time I hear about one of these kids dying, I always think of my first love, River Phoenix, and how heartbroken I was when he died. But now, with Ledger, I think more of his baby girl, and how he'll never be able to watch her grow older, how he'll not be able to take her to college, or even to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. That's what's more sad to me now.
Ledger's autopsy results were inconclusive, and it will take another week before we know the real reason behind his death. I hope they'll find it's an accident. I'd hate for him to have taken his own life. You know, our maintenance guy was here yesterday, and for whatever reason, brought up Ledger's death. "These celebrities, you know, and their drugs. I guess he just got his money too fast. Didn't know how to handle it." I'm sad that conclusions are reached so quickly based solely on the fact that he was a successful actor. I guess that just the fact that there were pills in his apartment, even though they were legal and prescribed, will always taint his reputation, won't it?

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