Wednesday, January 30

Get LOST tomorrow night

I had an idea. Right there, bright and shiny in my head. And now it's gone. Damn.
Having just finished watching the repeat showing of last season's Lost finale, I am super excited about having a television obsession actually on the television tomorrow night. Yay! I was surprised by how much I had forgotten, and ridiculously distracted by the damn little pop-ups that the network had going on and off throughout the show. But on the whole, it was a well-spent two hours.
I had a picture of the Goodyear blimp that I e-mailed from my phone, but unfortunately, the system decided to have a fart and the picture is missing in action. (Actually, I think that was what the bright, shiny idea was: how the Super Bowl is invading our little town.) At any rate, Sydney and I saw the blimp this afternoon; spent a bit of time in more-than-normal traffic going back and forth to Babies 'R Us; got frustrated being stuck behind several rental cars full of people who have no idea where they're going; and the police were called to an event at the bar around the corner last night (Super Bowl party, as told the signs earlier in the day). I'll be pleased when this weekend is over. Because really, not only is it the Super Bowl, but the FBR Open, and a Suns game. Could the organizers not have picked a busier weekend? Maybe we should throw in ASU's homecoming and Spring Training too, huh?

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