Sunday, January 27

Denied by gnomes

I kept hoping that if I just thought really good thoughts and kept the lights off, the kitchen gnomes would sneak into my home and do my dishes while I was watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Alas, they did not. Instead, the Internets fairies sneaked into the office and messed with our Internets connection. More likely, it was Brian trying to do something fancy, but whatever the cause, he's fixed it. I get so feisty when the Internets isn't working, you know? That's something that should just always work.
Well, as far as awards shows go, the SAG offering pretty much sucked this evening. Highlights: seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie out among the other actors (I like that); Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin being honored; The Office peeps on my TV again; Daniel Day-Lewis' comments about Heath Ledger; and knowing that The Sopranos won't be able to win ever again. Lowlights: old people yammering on for incredible lengths of time (I mean you, Mickey Rooney, especially); no Hugh Laurie speech; and The Sopranos still winning so much. Really, if this is the best that we'll get this award show season, I would rather they had relegated this one to a press conference as well.

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