Monday, October 16

You can't call anyone from inside a tunnel

I'm really quite embarrassed. I don't know what to say. I'm sure that some clever turn of phrase or witty wordplay might make it up to you somehow, but really, I've just not been "in the mood" to blog much lately. (Obviously!) I'd blame it on the pregnancy, but I hate that, so will instead take full responsibility for my non-actions, and say, "Sorry."
ITEM!: So did you catch any of the Mel Gibson mea culpa going on at Good Morning America last week? Personally, I don't buy it. Drunk people say what drunk people think, and there is little evidence to support anything to the contrary. That's why it's so bad to drunk-dial people, or hook up with people after a night out, or get into any kind of booze-based fights or arguments with friends. The drunk person will ALWAYS say what is exactly on their mind, and everyone knows that. The not-so coincidence here is that Mel's new movie, Apocalypto, is coming out soon, and he wants people to go see it. (Disproving Brian's assertion that Mel's got so much money it doesn't matter if people go see his flicks anymore.) I love how celebrities are all contrite when it comes to publicity an re-shining their images.
ITEM!: Brian and I saw The Departed last week. It was really good! Several people got shot in the head, and I wasn't always prepared for it, but it was fun nonetheless. We needed our shot of Boston-ness, and we got it, complete with views of the State House, thick accents and Southie. But let me throw a wrench in the movie-making process for you for one quick second. No one, no one EVER, can get a cell phone signal in a T tunnel. No one. Don't believe it for a second.
ITEM!: Here is my October avatar. She's going trick-or-treating. Yay!!
ITEM!: The company that was cloning kittens has gone out of the business. Apparently, people would rather save some thousands of dollars and get a perfectly good kitten from a pet store, adoption agency or something along those lines. Go figure.
ITEM!: Let me drop a quick complaint about Bank of America. Did you know that, when opening a new checking account, the bank (or any bank, for that matter, it's a federal regulation) can hold portions of your money, deposits and the like away from your availability? They can "choose" to do this at any time during the first 90 days of your account. This bothers me, and for obvious reasons. I've got bills to pay, and not much money to pay them. I need every dollar in that checking account, and to find that B of A has decided to just hold on to $500 or so because they don't trust me is infuriating. I've not bounced a check; I've not given them any reason to think I might. They suck. Countdown to the end of this ridiculous 90 days began in August. I yearn for November.


MLY said...

Welcome back to blogging...some of us have missed you dearly! Very nice October Avatar...and so trim and svelte she looks!

-T. said...

They can choose to do it with large amounts too...ah, yes...I give them my money..and the get to keep it from me for a few extra days...the American way!