Saturday, October 21

Old-man hands and a whip

So Mom's in town this weekend, which is why there was no post yesterday. We're in the midst of our last weekend ever of "just the two of us," which is both nice (as we are able to at least celebrate it), and not-so-nice (as it is the end of a fun era). So we did our shopping, ate our yummy food, and have more good stuff planned for today and tomorrow.
On the front page of Yahoo! this morning, is a photo of Harrison Ford, and the kindly notation that he feels himself fit to take on another Indiana Jones installment. My opinion? I say, no. Granted, Ford's still a good-looking guy, and I could never picture anyone else in Indy's fedora, carrying the whip. However, at 64, can Ford really pull off the stunts, action and, yes, sexiness, involved with the famously rough-and-tumble archaeologist?
As an example, I remember one part of the Firewall trailer that showed Ford leaping over a sofa and attacking Paul Bettany, the movie's antagonist. As he landed on Bettany, one could see Ford's hands grasp at him, and essentially, miss. It was the force of the jump that brought down the bad guy, not the hero's athletic prowess or abilities, really. Anyway, Ford's hands, in that moment, were old-man hands. I can't see old-man hands flipping the whip or roughing up the bad guys anymore.
Of course, should all the stars align ... and by stars, I mean, Spielberg, Lucas and Ford ... and this movie actually gets made, I'll be in line to check it out. I wouldn't be a true Indy fan if I wasn't. I'm just a little concerned about how this will come together.


ddy said...

"Old-man hands"sounds like me but I can still crack the whip.

Pamela said...

Well at the rate they are moving it will be another few years before they even start filming- frankly I am surprised Ford, Lucas and Speilberg are even interested.... but they can always use the Star Wars aging math: 60 is the new 40.