Wednesday, October 18

Dead, but still a fan

Taking their loyalty to the grave. That's what some people will be able to do now, since Major League Baseball signed a licensing agreement with Eternal Image, a company that makes urns and caskets. Check it out, peeps. For your dying pleasure, you too can have a Boston Red Sox casket or urn to show your love for your favorite team. Tell me that this is not one of the coolest things ever. Other teams that have signed on so far are the Yankees (boo!), Phillies, Tigers, Cubs and Dodgers. The company is hoping to have all 30 teams soon, and then to move on to the National Football League, National Hockey League and NASCAR.
This, from the Associated Press article:
Susan Goodenow, an MLB spokeswoman, said the league and clubs have received requests for several years for urns and caskets with team logos. "Passionate fans express their love of their team in a number of different ways," Goodenow said. The National Funeral Directors Association is meeting in Philadelphia this week and giving its members a sneak peak of what the baseball urns will look like. Eternal Image says urns for the six teams should be available by opening day 2007, and caskets for those teams should be ready later in the year. The products have not been made yet and the exact cost has not been set. The Phillies urn was the first to be designed (pictured, to the left). Each urn will feature recognition of the deceased's passionate support, stamped with a message that says "Major League Baseball officially recognizes [person's name] as a lifelong fan of [team]."
Seriously, I think this is an awesome thing to do. I mean, you know how fanatical some people are about their teams. I see something like this going like hotcakes in Boston. And it makes for a less-creepy-looking urn on your mantelpiece.

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There will be some suckers out there that would buy that.