Thursday, July 6

Who doesn't love a good docking

The Discovery space shuttle successfully docked with the International Space Station earlier today, after two days of playing catch up, and then performing an end-over-end roll to video the craft's belly to ensure that there was no damage from the launch. Someday, I kid you not, I will be chilling in one of those chairs, streaking through the atmosphere and floating about in space. Really, I already have the jumpsuit (Thanks, Mom!), and even though my math and science skills may be a little short of what they require for such a trip, I think I'd make an excellent mission specialist. Being awed by the experience and posting to my blog every day during the trip would be my specialty, so I'm more than qualified. I get so jealous of the astronauts that are up there, and able to do all this cool stuff, that I'm absolutely transfixed to the space flight news every minute they're in orbit. It's just too cool to comprehend.
But back to things going on down here on Earth:
1.) Two state courts, in New York and Georgia, have allowed a gay marriage ban. Not cool.
2.) The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and once again, voters in that joke of an election pool have failed to show any real departure from the same-old, same-old. From the list of no imagination, nominations include: The West Wing, Two and a Half Men, Martin Sheen, William Shatner, Charlie Sheen, Lisa Kudrow, Allison Janney, Debra Messing, Stockard Channing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally. As for pleasant surprises: 24, Arrested Development, Scrubs, The Office, The Colbert Report, Jean Smart, Steve Carrell, Jeremy Piven, and Jaime Pressly. I'd love to say that, as a show of protest for the nominators' lack of creativity, I won't watch the show, but ... well ... we all know me better than that.
3.) Auto news for the day includes the revelation that hand-cranked windows are on their way out of production, with Honda becoming the first car manufacturer to abolish them entirely. Soon will come the day when the youth of America ask us, "You mean you used to have to open these with a handle?"

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