Friday, July 21

A table for two, please

It's my last day at my job, and, well, I really feel kinda okay with it. I mean, I'll miss everyone dreadfully, I know that, but since I'm still doing work for the magazine for another few months, it doesn't really feel too much like a goodbye. However, that may change drastically later today when I really am ready to drive away. I hate leaving a good job. I've done it too many times (three, actually, now that I think about it), and it always throws me into such a tailspin.
Of course, I'm excited that we're heading off on a new adventure back in Arizona, but it gets so sad to leave a place that you've called home for three (ID) or four (Boston) years. I've got so much to do over the next few days that I'll have little opportunity to dwell on it, but I know that it'll hit me as we charge onto the highway Tuesday.
Today, also, is Brian's and my five-year wedding anniversary. We're hoping to get in to one of the nicer places in the area (wish us luck; Brian's just calling for reservations this morning). We've managed to hit the better/fancier restaurants for our anniversary since we moved out here, so I'm glad that we won't have to break tradition this year simply because we're moving. I really can't believe that it's been five years since the best weekend ever. Time certainly does fly!!
What else? Well, what else isn't going on? I packed more boxes last night; Brian took the car for a quick road-trip service yesterday; the last loads of laundry are done, so now we can pack for the trip; and all seems to be going along fine.
You may be wondering about the frequency of the blogging now that I won't have a desk or constant computer presence for a couple weeks. I'll try my best to keep you all updated as often as possible over the next couple days, and throughout the road trip. Who knows how much Internet access I'll get at the Super 8 and Comfort Inn, but let's hope that there may be some reliable Wi-Fi along the way. If not (fear not!), I'll still be journaling our day every day, and saving them for when I can post. You won't miss a single story, my friends!

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-T. said...

Happy Anniversary!! AND - to all the friends of Kimmy: she IS excellent at staying in touch! You have found a friend in Kimmy that you will always call a friend! SELFISHLY: Can't wait to have her here again!!