Thursday, July 20

Super stamps

I like nifty stamps. Mom always gets me the cool new ones, and I tend to save a sheet of the best for future generations to enjoy. ("What!? Postage was only 39 cents back then?!?") Mom knows that I tend to hold on to my favorites for the cards and letters I send, and put, say, the vegetable and old car stamps on the bills I have to mail. I do not believe that Bank of America deserves a pretty Disney stamp as well as the ridiculous car payment check.
But check these out: super hero stamps. I spy Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Batman and The Green Lantern. Supergirl, quite frankly, is a waste of a good idea, as is Plasticman, but whatever, they didn't ask for my input. (I'd LOVE to see the Wonder Twins with a stamp; "Wonder Twin powers; Activate!") And Hawkman isn't half as cool as the guy with wings in the X-Men.
At any rate, I foresee a sheet or two of these in my future, and moments spent agonizing over whether this particular note is worthy of a Superman stamp, or if I should just stick it with an eggplant.

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