Monday, July 10

A scurvy good time

It's been a while since I've been so excited to see a movie. So excited, in fact, that Brian and I made the effort to hit the theater Friday night. This journey was foiled, of course, by the fact that so many other people wanted to see it, but we tried! So alas, we waited to check out Pirates on Saturday morning. The theater was still pretty crowded, but at least we got to sit in the regular, not up-front, seats, and didn't have too many noisy people around us.
And the movie, up front, met all our expectations. We giggled throughout, and enjoyed the campy humor and fun swashbuckling that was the essence of the film. My gripe? More than two hours, and no real climax to the movie. It was such an "and here's where the third one will start" ending that it left us both cold. Kind of "ridden hard and put away wet," if you know what I mean. No climax, my friends. Surely, it makes one more anxious for the third movie, simply because now we're DYING to find out what happens next, but I think we deserved better. So many major, huge, gaping loose ends are unfair, really. Maybe, had even one of them been tied up, I'd be a happier Pirates camper today. Argh.


-T. said...

Yah, we braved Friday night theatres too..saw the movie...and even though it was long, thought it was AWESOME..although we felt the same way about the anti-climax...funny and fun anyway though

Pamela said...

Ah, cliffhangers, gotta love/hate them.