Sunday, July 23

Last weekend in Boston

It's Sunday night, and for the first time in three and something years, I am not going to work tomorrow ... because I don't have a job to go to. It's odd really, being unemployed again. At least this time, I'm choosing to not go for something full time for seven months!! (Count them, three until baby, and then four until baby's old enough to handle a working mom. It's all good.)
So I had a particularly nice anniversary. There was a bouquet of lilies and a well-done love note waiting for me when I got home Friday, and we had dinner at Ruth's Chris for some yummy steaks that night. Point in favor for this Ruth's: steaks were just as delicious as any other Ruth's, and the cheesecake dessert was amazing. Point against it: our waiter kept referring to us as "Kids." "You kids need steak knives." "Are you kids done with the appetizers?" "How are you kids doing?" On the surface, it's not that big a deal, but, as Brian said, he was probably all of three years older than us; we were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary; I'm pregnant with our baby; he can be called "Doctor" now; and we were not afraid to be spending the money to eat in this restaurant. Clearly, we were not the kids this guy thought we were. At any rate, we kept our rebuttals to ourselves, but on the receipt, I did note, "Thanks. From the 'Kids.'"
Yesterday, I got a lot more done than I thought I would, and spent most of my awake hours packing boxes and preparing for the movers on Tuesday.
Today, I had a lovely lunch with Sarah and Pamela downtown. I hate leaving friends, especially when they are across the country, but I know that I keep in really good contact with my friends, so I know that today will not be the last time that I see, speak to, or hug either of them. Besides, they tell me that they'll come out to visit.
Tomorrow, the last of the packing, and preparing for our big day on Tuesday. Whew. I can't believe that it's finally here. Can you? It seems like forever that I've been talking about this. And it's finally just a couple days away. Crazy!! Also tomorrow, Comcast is coming to retrieve the cable boxes and internet modem. So after that, I ... well, I guess I'll have to steal someone else's signal until we leave on Tuesday!!


Pamela said...

Miss ya already.

Enjoy the ride, I hope you find all the best restaurants, hotels and radio stations on the way!

See ya later "Ki..........m"!

L, Pamela

-T. said...

Hey! Wait until you get called "Ma'am" - you'll long for the day that someone so "insensitively" referred to you as younger than you are!!