Friday, July 14

Is this Savannah?

So the weather outside is brutal, and should prove to be even worse as the weekend wears on. A heat wave, by Boston standards, is three consecutive days with temperatures above 90 degrees. (These people would never survive Arizona.) So we'll be having a heat wave with ridiculous humidity that will prove to me my undoing, I'm sure. And in the midst of this charming weather pattern, we'll be attending a party tonight and wedding tomorrow in Rhode Island, and I'd like to get some more packing done.
Next week is my last at work. I'm getting quite sad about having to say goodbye to everyone here, but the knowledge that I'll still be working with them for the next few months is easing my way. I hate leaving a job. I've been so lucky in that at every one of my jobs, I've met and worked with really good, nice and thoughtful people. Hardly a prick in the bunch ... well, maybe one or two ... but that's all seen in hindsight. My friends hosted a surprise going away party/baby shower for me yesterday at lunch, and I was overwhelmed by their generosity of spirit. It was so lovely!!

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