Thursday, July 6

Highway as far as we can see

Look upon my July avatar. Notice that she, and her dog, are quite comfortable in their campsite. This, of course, is to signify the cross-country road trip that Brian, Oliver and I will embark on at the end of this month.
While we won't be sleeping in a tent or cooking beans over an open fire, we will be roughing it by stopping at a series of Super 8 Motels (Ollie's good at sneaking in), feasting on Cracker Barrel take-out (chicken pot pie, anyone? Mom?), taking pictures of random stuff that interests us (barns, Jack in the Box, up-ended cars in a field), playing those games that only amuse when there's nothing to see but pavement and flat land (states and capitols? television show theme songs?), and listening to radio stations that feature agricultural updates and promote the American Idol winners and contestants (today, hog futures are rising, and here's the latest from Clay Aiken!). Ah yes, the beauty of the days-long road trip! I can't wait!!


Pamela said...

NOOOOOO! Don't go!

Ha! Seriously, I have never made a cross-country road trip - I don't even think I have driven as far as Florida. But you make it sound so fun that I may have to try it!

Upended cars in a field? Cool.


-T. said...

Yah, I'm with make a road trip sound like fun...except the radio stations featuring hog futures and Clay Aiken..time to purchase an Ipod with FM modulator =)