Monday, July 17

He doesn't look 54

It's The Hoff's birthday today, my friends, and we celebrate with this game of Hoffer. (Seriously, check it out. Too much fun!) On this, his 54th birthday, David Hasselhoff is again being praised as a tremendous talent in this world.

So I'm a busy girl this week, what with catching up on box packing, finishing up here at the office, and getting in lunches with everyone over the next four days. Not to mention all the roadtrip preparations, car maintenance and all that. it suddenly occurred to me this morning that the movers will be arriving at my door in eight days, and that I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me, including the remnants of the kitchen, both bathrooms, and the last-minute stuff. It makes me want to hide for a while, but I simply don't have that kind of time!

The space shuttle Discovery landed safely this morning, which is a super good thing. I concern myself with that kind of thing way too much, but oh well, it's a passion. It was quite an amazing thing to watch, especially from the pilot's camera view, as it descended and made for landing. You know, the only time my Gramps and I took the day off to watch a space shuttle land at Edwards Air Force Base out in Cali, the weather ended up being so cloudy that it had to land in Florida, a mere 12 minutes later than expected in Cali. It was a great day, mainly because it was just Gramps and I, but it was a drag that I missed the landing. But you wait! Someday, even if I'm not sitting in the shuttle, I will be seeing one lift off in person!

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