Thursday, May 11

A wizard, I tell you!

Here's an interesting little article about how parents are aware of, and even approve, their children's choice in video games. Imagine that: parents actually can take responsibility for the games that they let their kids play with when it comes to content. Hear, hear. (No more articles on how the companies that produce the games should be responsible for the effect of games on the kids, please.)
I know that my kid's going to be a video game wizard. Why wouldn't it be? It's dad is. I am well aware that there are games that no child of mine will get near until they're in the latter years of high school. I'm going to have a separate cabinet each for "Daddy's games," and "Kid's games." Daddy's, of course, will probably be locked. If no cabinet presents itself, the games will be well hidden. I don't want my baby playing Hitman, the Tom Clancy games, or Grand Theft Auto.
But the part in the article about gamer-parents is what intrigued me the most, because that is what Brian and I are. We were both raised in the world of video games. He loves the games, and while I'm not proficient at playing them, I am perfectly happy sitting back, watching him figure them out, and giving advice on how best to escape when the guards are descending on all sides and there's nothing to do but just, "throw the grenades at them!"
I plan on being very involved in what my kids play in regards to video games. Their disappointment will probably lie mostly in the fact that they won't be able to snowball Brian and I into thinking that a game is about one thing, when it's really about another. We won't fall for, "But, it's called Bloodsport 6: Gushing Everywhere because they're doctors trying to save the world from an epidemic!"

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! You will be a good mommy.
I remember having to hide my DAUGHTER's eyes at the movie Jaws at times.