Friday, May 5

South to Virginia

I'm off to Virginia for my cousin Jason's graduation, and will be heading out of the apartment in the next hour, but wanted to throw some stuff up here ... just for fun.
In a bold move, Kansas, the state, and its Congress, has passed a bill that would raise the minimum marrying age from 15 to 18. This progressive action is due in part to the marriage between a pregnant 14-year-old from Nebraska and her 22-year-old pervert who drove across state lines and got married. (The husband is currently in jail serving time for sexual assault on the girl and sentenced for impregnating her.) Of course, there's a catch to the whole thing, after all, this is kinda the South: "Under the legislation, requested by [Kansas] Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a 15-year-old could marry only if a district court judge decided it was in that person's best interest.
Those who are 16 or 17 could marry if they met one of three conditions: permission from a parent or legal guardian and judicial consent; permission from both parents and any legal guardian; or permission from judge if the parents are dead and there is no legal guardian."
Also, I'm glad that the Phoenix Suns have come back to force a Game 7 against the Lakers. In an opinion that I know is not shared by my husband or aunt, I believe that Kobe Bryant losing is a good thing ... you know, since he essentially admitted to being a rapist.
And, oh yeah, have I told you that I'm boycotting the Mission: Impossible movie, for no reason other than to keep my $10 out of Tom Cruise's pocket? He served as a producer on the film as well as the "star," so that means he gets a cut of the whole thing. Not a single dollar from me. Lately, with his crazy antics, uneducated rantings and nausea-inducing publicity stunts (poor Suri), he is, in my mind, just a step or two below Kobe and G.W. Bush.
Whew! Kimmie's SPIKEY today!
As for Virginia, I'm not sure if I'll have any time to post throughout the weekend, but rest assured that, if I do, I'll have some interesting tales to tell.


Anonymous said...

Who is Tom Cruise?

Anonymous said...

Sorry...He is the one who jumps on the couch(slap),how could I forget that.

mly said...

WHEW! Spikey she is...and as always, eloquent!