Monday, May 22

A series of events

We had a weird kind of weekend. It really was just a lot of random events converging on a single two-day span.
Event #1: Brian's Saturday morning appointment took him longer than anticipated, so we ended up having to make do with a movie-theater lunch, which was SO MUCH better than it had a right to be. Here's the food tally: a hot dog each; popcorn for me; nacho pretzels for Brian; large soda to share; and about 45 minutes later into the movie's duration, a large box of Junior Mints and a second large soda. It was very wrong to eat that much, but it felt so right.
Event #2: The movie we saw, by the way, was Poseidon. I've never seen the original, nor any of the sequels (oh, yes, there were three), so other than knowing that the boat flips over and that a group of passengers needs to fight for survival, I had little to no idea how this would play out. It was NOT the best movie I will see this year, by far, but it did manage to keep my attention and elicit the proper amount of suspense at the right times. Brian did not like it at all.
Event #3: The large frosted glass light fixture covering in the kitchen fell from the ceiling, crashing to the tile floor 10 feet below, giving Brian and I something fun to clean up Sunday morning. We are thinking that the upstairs tenants, banging away on the floor or whatever, subtly ended up unscrewing the piece, and it crashed on its own. I refuse to think too much about what may have happened had Brian, Oliver or I been in the kitchen when it occurred (about 8:30 a.m. Sunday; B was in his office; Ollie and I were just getting out of bed for our walk), so we won't, but holy crap, there was no shortage of glass all over the floor. Forty-five minutes later, having vacuumed up any bit of anything that reflected light, I was finally comfortable in my kitchen again.
Event #4: We finally sat down and watched King Kong last night. (It was the weekend for remakes, apparently.) It is a long movie, by the way, clocking in at three hours and a few minutes. As I said last year when the flick came out, I could take it or leave it, but Brian was wanting to catch it. So here it is, about two and a half hours in, and Brian looks at me and says, "Why don't they just capture him and send him back to the island? He's jumping around on the Empire State Building; he'll fall and die! When do they just return him to the island?" Brown eyes of innocence looked to me for an explanation. "Don't you know how this movie ends?" I ask. "They don't take him back to the island?" he replies. "Oh, no, honey. He dies in New York. He falls." Seriously, it was what I think watching Old Yeller with my kids would be like ("What do you mean the dog dies?"). The movie ended shortly thereafter, and Brian announced that this movie had troubled him deeply, and that he never wanted to discuss it again.
Event #5: Oliver threw up all over my bed linens. The blanket and mattress pad were no big deal; they were easily washed. My pillow, however, was not so easily taken care of, though I did try. Bed decor pillows, just so you know, are not as comfortable as sleeping pillows, even when used in a pinch. I slept on one Saturday night, and woke up with a tremendous headache and neck pain. Brian, love that he is, volunteered to sleep on it last night so I could have his pillow, but he was no more comfy than I. So the idea of sharing was brought up. It's not an easy thing to do with a standard-sized pillow, but we made a valiant effort. Neither one of us got any sleep last night. Tonight, after work, we head to Bed, Bath & Beyond for my new pillow.


Anonymous said...

Why is Oliver on the bed in the first place?
Does he not have his own bed?

glo said...

who is anonymous?? what kind of a question is that? Of course Oliver sleeps on the bed, he is part of the family!

Pamela said...

The big monkey dies - man now I might as well not netflix that one!


ok I have to laugh.... my word verification is "apesuo"

Anonymous said...

glo... I have the right to voice my apinion if not here then in PERSON.