Wednesday, May 17

Nicole + Keith = Engagement

The news is out, and it's well known across the Internet that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (country singer) are engaged to be married. Kidman spilled the secret on her own to People magazine, and the publication was quick to toss it out onto the wire to be picked up by every news agency in the world, from the Associated Press and CNN to Entertainment Weekly and Scientologists Anonymous (just kidding about that last one; I totally made it up.)
In an opinion violently opposed by my mom, I kinda dig Nicole Kidman. I like that she's a good actress and seemingly, a good mom. I like that she's taken the classy route by not giving up the real goods as to her split with Tom Cruise, and has not commented on T.C.'s relationship with (er, character possession of) Katie Holmes. I say, "Good on her." (Though I was quite disappointed by her quotes about still loving Cruise in a recent magazine. I mean, I know that on some level, we all still love the ones we've loved, but seriously, why throw that out there?)
So congratulations, Nicole! Here's hoping that your life with a not-too-well-known country singer leads you to bigger and better places than the life you had with that actor that no one seems to like anymore.

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