Tuesday, May 2

It's NOT magic

I think David Blaine is a hack.
Brian is a fierce believer in the man's magical abilities.
This makes for interesting, but ridiculous, arguments in my home when Blaine happens to come up in conversation, usually through some commercial or special that is being promoted. The other night, said commercial was about Blaine's attempt to live underwater for seven days and nights, and finally make a climax of the stunt by attempting to hold his breath (during a live two-hour television special, of course), longer than anyone else has before: eight minutes and 58 seconds. The title of the stunt, in an odd twist of fate should it happen, is called, David Blaine: Drowned Alive. Read all about it, and keep up with his blog, by clicking here. (Oh, and you can buy the poster too, for only $25!)
Blaine began living in a specially built 8-ft. acrylic sphere yesterday, wherein he will receive liquid nutrition through a tube, and the water will be kept at a balanced temperature to help keep his core temperature close to 98.6 degrees F. The aquarium is located in front of New York City's Lincoln Center, where passersby can communicate and see Blaine, and NOT TAP on the glass. (Isn't that standard aquarium etiquette?)
Here's what I think: this, along with his other "feats of endurance," is not magic. What's so magical about swimming with the fishes? Anyone could do it ... but really, why? What could this possibly do for the good of mankind? The reality of it is more what the stunt can do for Blaine, and obviously, that could be answered in one simple phrase: it's for the publicity, silly girl.
Still, it's NOT magic....


ddy said...

Can I fish in his bowl?
I would have to catch and release I would guess.

Pamela said...

OK the highlight was Kelly Ripa getting in the tank with him and asking him what happens to his body waste.....



Pamela (again) said...

I assume it was the highlight.... it was the only part I saw anyway. I have to say, this was the reason I watch Regis that day, seriously why would you want to live in a bubble for seven days? Does he put this stuff on his business cards?