Tuesday, May 16

Is there a dentist in the house?

Well, let's just say that there was no shortage of water going on this weekend. As many of you have read and heard, the Northeast was (and still is) mired in some of the worst rain storms and flooding since the 30s, if ever. Of course, such record-setting rain would come on the weekend that we were to show people around Boston, and on which timing for most things was critical, but that's neither here nor there.
I'll answer a couple of the most-asked questions for the day up front: 1.) On the news, you all saw the undergraduate commencement ceremony at Boston University. It was held outside on the field Sunday morning, rain or shine. Brian's ceremony was held in the Fitness and Recreation Center, a cheesy, BUT DRY, venue for the commencement. So fear not my friends, we did not suffer through a two-hour drenching outdoors. 2.) Yes, we did still do the Fenway Tour, Cheers bar, and our own special walking tour of Boston, even in the rainfall that equaled four inches or so in one day. It was wet: the water line on everyone's pants was up somewhere around the crotchal and zipper region. Most everyone soldiered through it until the end though. Dearest family from Arizona and Michigan: Welcome to Boston, I'm almost sure you'll never want to come back again. 3.) I was able to get the last two ceremony tickets, but not until the day of graduation, and as I was at the door to enter the hall. On the verge of stressed-out tears, I lied to the lady about the two family members from Arizona who forgot their tickets, and how ... HOW ... was I to get them in if they were taking tickets at the door? She gave me two that she'd already collected, and I was able to give those to the last two of our party for entrance.
Other than the rain though, all went along just fine. I think my lunch and dinner suggestions were looked on favorably, and the checks and figuring out who would pay for what all worked itself out. The Fenway Tour was a great idea, and everyone seemed to enjoy that. Our catered (er, bought at Whole Foods) lunch on Sunday managed to fill everyone, I think, except for Brian and I, as we were too stressed out to eat much. Taxis on Sunday gave me fits and may have prompted a near cab-icide by Brian, but everyone made it to the ceremony on time.
As for the newly graduated dentist, he told me last night that he had a great weekend, and that, really, is all that matters to me. I'd go through all that insanity again in a heartbeat just knowing that he'd have as good a time again. As much as he disliked the attention, I'm glad that the whole weekend was about him, and his accomplishment, since I think he deserved that and so much more for his efforts over the last four years. While some would, and did, say that I deserve as much praise, I gladly hand all the glory to him, as he's my rock star. No one's more proud of him for achieving what he has than I.
Such a great weekend; and holy cow, I could use a good night's sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Well I must say that for once in my life I am completely speechless so I will say congratulations to you both - - Brian you are fabulous in your robes !!! - - and I teared up as soon as I saw the pictures on the blog - - wish I could have been there - - love - - auntie d

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