Wednesday, May 31

Ho-hum, Katie's leaving

Is it un-American that I don't care a fig about Katie Couric leaving Today? Is it wrong that I couldn't give a damn that she's not going to be on morning television anymore?
I appreciate that, for a whole lot of people, television in the morning is a necessity, and that they tend to become loyal zealots to the people they see on their favorite show everyday. (I know that Mom has an unnatural love for Hal Fishman on her 10 o'clock news.) But really, devoting the entire show to a celebration of her as a morning host is a bit much, especially considering all the special segments/montages they put together. (Read about it all here, on Entertainment Weekly's live blog of her goodbye show.) It's my understanding that they even showed a segment on all the tragedies that Katie has covered in her 15-year tenure. Really, I think it's tacky to bring out all the Sept. 11 footage, not to mention JFK, Jr., the O.J. trial, and the Iraq wars, all to show how compassionate Katie can be. Bleck. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth, just on principle.
So, good-bye Katie, I don't really care what you're doing now (though I do know that she's moving into evening news and, I think, 60 Minutes).

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ddy said...

I didn't know who she was till all this started.
My fave is FOX 11 Good day LA,have to watch it every day.