Monday, May 8

Hands off

Tonight's the night. David Blaine will finally, after attempting to hold his breath for a full nine minutes, emerge from his sphere-like aquarium. He's reportedly in "bad shape," but still intends to attempt the breath-holding stunt. He was quoted as saying that he'd go through with it, but if the nine minutes go by, and he passes out, the rescuers will pull him from the water and revive him. He said he has faith in them. He also stated that, in referring to the nine minutes without air, he'd "do my best," already seeming to let down ABC, its marketing and promotions departments, and all the fine people who care a whit, should he fail. Here's a picture of Blaine's hands, being treated by doctors outside of the tank. Yuck. Granted, hands tend to prune before everything else when submerged for a length of time, but yikes, I wonder what the rest of him looks like. Bleck.


ddy said...

This guy is stone crazy!

ddy said...

Didn't make his GOAL did he?
Maybe he should find some other WORK.