Monday, May 8

Graduations aplenty

First of all, I suck because I forgot to call Lisa yesterday and sing her "Happy Birthday." I think it's the first time since high school ended that one of us has not called the other on their big day. Like I said, I suck. At any rate, I called and sang on her voice mail this morning, and hope that that will make up for my lateness.
Well, I made it back from Virginia yesterday afternoon, and had a good time while down there. Jason's graduation was nice, but long, and during the commencement speaker and university president's closing remarks, frightfully dull. But we were all there to celebrate Jason's achievement, and that is all that matters. The graduation itself was in Norfolk, Va., home of the Atlantic Fleet, but because of our commitment to the ceremony and Jason, we, sadly, couldn't ditch the college and go out for some Navy dick instead either. (Don't get all prude on me, everyone; Grandma was TOTALLY up for it, too.) The ceremony itself was pretty normal: no one tripped on the stage, and only a couple names got butchered by the announcers, though one nifty side event was a guy proposing to his girl as she walked off the stage with her diploma. Very sweet. It was a terrific achievement for Jason, and we are all super proud of him.
(Some background on the pictures: Jason's graduating class; Mom holding Cierra, Jason's daughter; and the stylish combover being sported by the guy sitting in front of us.)
My flight was uneventful too, except that having arrived before we were scheduled to, and having no open gates for us, the plane had to chill out on the tarmac for 25 minutes. While irritating, not completely awful, as I was able to plug in to the iPod some more and drown out the noise of the kids around me.
As for life here, it's progressing. Brian's own graduation is this weekend, and we're starting to gear up for that. I've got to go out and get his present this afternoon, and get some laundry done this evening. Tomorrow, I think I'll get the car washed and vacuumed out, and we'll clean the apartment tomorrow night. (Merry Maids' day to clean, of course, is next week. Damn the unpredictability of an "every three weeks" schedule.)


ddy said...

Jason's Cierra is cute.

mly said...

There is NOTHING quite like quality time with the family.....and only you would zero in on the comb-over!