Saturday, May 27

Da Vinci disappointment

We saw The Da Vinci Code yesterday afternoon. We'd both heard good and bad things about it, but figured that since I had read the book, and Brian had not, we would be a good barometer as to the movie itself. Um, neither one of us liked it much.
The pace of the movie made the religious connotations and revelations seem hokey. Really, this was not the spiritual bombshell that the book became. It just made the whole thing even more fictitious. Tom Hanks, while usually such a good actor, made Langdon look kinda bored and confused throughout the whole thing. Ian McKellen was great as Teabing, but I don't remember his character in the book having such a role in the end game. (I'll need to re-read this one some time soon.) The only real bright spot, I thought, was Audrey Tatou as Sophie Neveu.
Alas, Da Vinci has landed among the list of, "Why, oh why, ruin a good book by turning it into a movie?"

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Pamela said...

Way to kill my plans for date night!

Hhhhmmm, we won't see MI3, no the Code seems lame, maybe we will see cars.

Hah! And with no kids.