Thursday, May 18

Can't buy him love

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are separating and divorcing. Who's really surprised by this? (Read the article here.) What surprised me is that the couple went so far as to blame the media for the reason behind the split. The media? Seriously? What a cop out. How about, if you must say anything at all, you say that you weren't able to spend enough time together; that after four years, Heather admitted that her taste in music ran more towards the Rolling Stones; that Paul still loves Linda and that Heather couldn't take her place, so he'd rather be alone with his memories; or that Stella was right all along and Heather's a gold-digger?
To actively and pointedly blame the media is stupid. Is the media there when they close their bedroom door at night? Is the media there when they sit down to breakfast or dinner? Is the media there when he finds out she bought a $60,000 purse? Is the media there when Christmas dinner turns into a drag-out fight? No. And those times and places, my friends, are where marriage happens. That's where a relationship is either deemed solid or broken. It's at those times when a couple realizes that they're either in it for the long haul, or that it simply won't work.
Breaking news as of this morning, though. Paul and Heather had no pre-nuptial agreement. Because of this, Heather could stand to gain up to a quarter of Paul's $1.56-billion financial fortune. That, should it happen, could equate to $1.9 million for every week of the four-year marriage. (Legal experts do not believe that the settlement would be that much.) Paul has gone on the defensive, saying that Heather was never in the relationship for the money. She offered to sign the agreement, but Paul considered in un-romantic. Un-romantic, perhaps; fiscally responsible, not at all.
As for the state of this divorce: Blame no one but yourselves, Paul and Heather. You're the only two who could have made or broken it.

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