Thursday, May 25

B&N, here I come

Well, that was that! A satisfying television season, for the most part. Last night's Lost finale was chock full of answers and more questions, and makes me yearn for next fall already.
But alas, good television, as we know it, is now gone for the summer. It's really quite liberating: there's no feeling of "must be in front of glowing box at 9 p.m.," to run my life for several months. I like it. Now I can finally dig into the big books that are waiting for me, since really, the Netflix selection isn't floating my boat lately either.
As of now, the book list includes: finishing the Elizabeth Peters that I've been carrying around for a month or so; two Agatha Christie mysteries; and The Historian, which Andy got me for my birthday. I'd make the promise that I won't go in a book store until I've finished those, but I know that there's no keeping me out of a Barnes & Noble on a long weekend. It's like heaven really, surrounded by all the fresh pages and plots and uncracked spines. And since I've got one or two gift cards for one of my happiest places on Earth, shopping there's going to be more akin to opening presents at a birthday party.

Also, I thought you might like this picture of a newborn Egyptian tortoise. It was hatched at the Chester Zoo in northwest England. The zoo has hatched six of the tortoises, also known as Testudo Kleinmanni, which are currently on the critically endangered list. (That's a fingertip it's perched on.)

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